The Ridge Sommelier Symposium

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Next week, Ridge, the iconic winery high in the hills of Santa Clara, will host some of the best and brightest gatekeepers of the wine lists around for a two day symposium. Twelve were chosen, one survives…(just kidding). However, we are honored that one of our own in the Denver area was picked. Steve Steese, of Shanahans Steakhouse in Greenwood Village, was chosen to represent this fine state. Steve has been with Shanahans for some time now, developing one of the most unique steakhouse wine lists in Colorado. There are some new and exciting regions, varieties, and names on the list, but still maintains and holds in regard the ‘blue chips’, the tried and trues, the properties that made California wine famous.

Ridge is one of those properties.

Paul Draper, Monte Bello, Geyserville, Lytton Springs. Labels and personalities that embody the best of American wine, of terroir, of a true ‘sense of place’. That the country, and great wineries acknowledge the talent and commercial viability of our local sommeliers and buyers is a testament to the passion of vino in this neck of the woods. Steve, do us proud.

To find out more about the event, check out the link below…

Ridge Sommelier Symposium


  1. Thank you so much for shinin’ a mile high spotlight on #RidgeSomms!

    • Christopher,

      My pleasure! Check out the show today, as I pulled a few strings and got Steve to join me in the studio. AM1430, 11 to noon PST.


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